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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,127 (some duplicates have been removed) >> coming up, mark jacob and stephen case recall the role that philadelphia socialist peggy shippen, benedict arnold's second wife, played in the conspiracy to harm george washington's forces. this program is just under an hour. ms. . [applause] >> with thank you for coming. i'm mark jacob, stephen case is to my left. and we started studying a couple years ago, steven many years ago discovered peggy's story, just an underappreciated story in american history. in fact, she was probably the most dangerous teenage girl in american history. [laughter] and, you know, half the age of her husband, hutch more famous -- much more fame, and it's just, it's a story that nobody really knew. in fact, it just kind of -- it was poorly understood at the time even, and by the time anyone understood what the story was, nobody seemed to care anymore. peggy was mrs. benedict arnold, and she liked it that way. she didn't want to be anything else. she would much rather be the victimized wife of a traitor than be considered what the real truth is, which is a co-conspirator to try to bring down the america
: philadelphia was the first american city to develop a water system and to take on as a municipal responsibility water delivery to all of its citizens. when william penn laid out the city, he actually chose a spot of land that had a lot of groundwater. however, by 1730, 30,000 people lived within the first seven blocks of philadelphia, next to the delaware river. well, 30,000 people caused filth in the city and polluted their water sources. the groundwater was not potable. and in one year, 1/6 of the population died of yellow fever. now, they didn't know at the time that yellow fever was carried by mosquitoes. but the health issue was major in that first movement to build a water system. narrator: so they set out to find the cleanest source of water. although the majority of philadelphia's water now comes from the delaware river, early engineers found that development along the waterfront was causing pollution. so their search led them to the nearby schuylkill river. philadelphia developed technologies to pump water from the river into the city. these technologies established engineering concept
battleground state. we will have more on pennsylvania after headlines with guests in philadelphia as well as here in pittsburgh. in news from syria, yemen arab league envoy lakhdar brahimi arrived in the capital of damascus thursday as government forces attacked the outskirts of the capital in a bid to root out rebel forces. opposition activists said helicopter gunships were firing on suburban areas. during his visit, brahimi is expected to be missing president bashar al-assad as well as with rebels opposed to the al-assad regime. brahimi has replaced kofi annan, who resigned his negotiating role in syria the end of last month amidst a diplomatic standoff over conflict that has killed more than 20,000 people in the last 18 months. speaking thursday, brahimi's spokesperson stressed the difficulty of the mission. >> the mission is really daunting. mr. brahimi said it as kofi annan has said it before, we said it before and say it again, that there are countries with influence and others with interests and we implore those influential countries for the parties to use their influence to curb t
ravens wide receiver 3 3 3 3 we have breakkng news just into our newsrooo... out off &pphiladelphia.there are report airport ... because of a o the - threat of explosives on board. the latest details coming into good day baltimore. fox 45 (( anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. sometimes giving is better than local &porganization is giving back i a major way. georre wynn from redeemmng faith oundation inc. is joining us live this &pmorning wiih more. - wwat is redeeming faith foundation coming up?- how caa people get involve? pnvolved? for more inforration on how to give back and to learn more about redeeming faitt foundat
.s. airways flight has been diverted back to philadelphia of international airport because of a possible security breach. we have live photographs. it was going towards dallas however it was diverted back to philadelphia with the threat of explosives on this plane. this is flight 1267 the police are saying that they received a phone call stating that a specific individual had explosive liquid on his possession. he was attempting to gain entrance onto a plane. emergency crews are on the scene. 75 passengers have been removed from the airplane. there is an investigation however i will keep you updated from the kron 4 news fronews room >> tonight president obama is back to to accept the nomination. the state of ohio showing that the crowd went wild. the state of mississippi, with the delegates casting their votes. to get the 20777 and there was dianne feinstein there was also another familiar face, gabrielle giffords will be in attendance tonight. she has been busy with her husband, former astronaut. they have a political action committee called gabby pak.. was welcomed after recovering fro
on vacation from england. >> breaking news from philadelphia on the east coast. we are watching this. look at this. this is a plane on the ground. this was a plane leaving philadelphia heading to dallas but it was ordered to come back to philadelphia because the possibility there may be explosives on that plane. we don't know how many people are on that plane. look at all of the vehicles surrounding that plane right now. but it was bound for -- leaving philadelphia heading for dallas, texas, when it was told to come back to philadelphia, land, because there is a possibility, a report there may be splos explosives on the ground. we have not heard of injuries, you can see it surrounded there. this is all we know. these are live pictures but we will keep you posted on what is happening there with a plane forced back to land in philadelphia. >> after a stirring speech by former president bill clinton president obama is set to take the stage tonight. sandra endo is there by the highlights. >> reporter: good morning, pam. it was a quintessential bill clinton moment on stage last night. he gave
at philadelphia's largest public high school. we're glad you have joined us. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminating hunger and we have work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: pleased to welcome tony danza back to this program. he embarked on a unique journey when he decided to teach 10th grade english in philadelphia. that experience served as the basis for a series. it also inspired a new book, "i'd like to apologize to every teacher i ever had." good to have you back on this program. what are you apologizing for? >> i apologize for not being a great student myself. why didn't i apply myself? when i got there and did this, and saw what it is like to be a teacher in a school of over 3000 kids with 50 languages spoken. northeast high school, and the vikings
at old philadelphia road. over the bay bridge, westbound 50, some kind of road hazard in the roadway. we will check on that and see what that road hazard is. eight minutes on the inner loop in the northwest corner. eight minutes on 95 northbound on the north side. the major roadways are checking out ok. the inner and outer loops are moving fine. the disabled vehicle northbound is clear. moving just fine northbound and southbound. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> some called the electric. the crowd was on its feet several times as michelle obama wowed delegates. >> our team coverage begins with tracie potts. >> democrats bringing their heavyweight. former president bill clinton. the only person more popular michelle obama. she brought democrats to their feet last night with a speech about decisions based on family values. >> these issues are not political. they are personal. barack knows what it means when a family struggles. >> a message aimed at women. >> he believes that women are more than capable of making our own choices about our bodies and health care. he did not care wh
to philadelphia to watch the game, better get going. >> are you barbecuing for us? >> we may just do that. the grill's on the deck. >> ok. >> going to come by? a little wet activity to the south of us in richmond and north carolina, going to stay to the south of us because of high pressure dominating over pennsylvania but we are watching another system bringing us rain monday and tuesday. quickly at the airport, 63 degrees, pressure rising on the barometer to 30.16, winds light at 3 miles per hour. you'll need the umbrella on tuesday. the forecast is coming up. >> our big story this morning, two more troops killed in attacks overseas. nato believes a man believed to be a member of the afghan local police turned his weapon on u.s. led coalition forces, killing two international service members. >> the attack came on the same day a maryland national guard unit charged with training place in afghanistan returned home. george lettis has more on that part of the story. >> it's fantastic to be home with the family again. >> the more than 40 maryland national guardsmen and women honored at a hom
.s. airways flight from philadelphia. >> a suspect on the run from chp get stuck in a pretty tough spot. that and more in your morning minute. >> we showed up fast and did our job >> a fire forces san francisco residents out of their homes. a tanker crash starts another fire in the santa cruz mountains >> is my sad duty to share with you that the officer has been taken off of life support >> ims chp headquarters where you can see a small memorial behind me. it has been growing for the past 24 hours >> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside but who burns for america on the inside >> president obama gets ready to take the stage after a rock star's endorsement from president clinton >> is the president satisfied? of course not, but are you better off when you were when he took office? >> san jose is facing a major safety problem. disappearing dispatchers >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. >> we begin with breaking news, a u.s. airways flight from philadelphia to dallas has returned to the airport for a possible
. philadelphia, southward, through areas in kentucky and d.c. here, we're going to see hit-and-miss showers and storms. here's the path that isaac has taken across. illinois and inn. indiana. the last 48 hours, indianapolis, two inches. we will continue to watch spotty areas of rain, in portions of ohio and extreme eastern portions of kentucky. so, what's next? this is the peak week of hurricane season. we always have one or two storms to track at this time of year. we have tropical storm leslie. this is a very slow-moving system. there's a dip in the jet stream is not going to pick the storm up. it's going to linger off the east coast for at least a week. so, if you're heading to the beaches of the next two, three, four, five days, the rip current threat will be great. also, the waves from the storm will be approaching the beaches. the surfers will love it. but if you're swimming with kids, the storm by saturday, could be over bermuda. bermuda could get brushed by this storm. we'll wait and see how that plays out. there's a couple of scenarios that bring this storm close to the canadian ma
. >>> in philadelphia bomb detecting dogs swept through u.s. airways flight 1267 after a bomb square. this was the scene early this morning at the philadelphia international airport. authorities say the flight heading to dallas returned to philadelphia shortly after tag off around 8:00 this morning. police were seen taking one man away in handcuffs. so far he has not been identified, nor has he been charged. all 69 passengers and five crew members got off the plane safely. right now there is no word that there were any explosives found. >>> a d.c. police officer shoots a pit bull that was running in anacostia. this happened around 7:00 this morning on 17th street southeast. neighbors called complaining about the dog. when an officer arrived on the scene, the dog started charging at the officer and also a 10- year-old girl who was walking by. police say the officer pulled the girl to safety and then shot the dog wounding the dog, not killing the dog. police said they are still investigating how this dog got away and was running around loose. so far no charges have been filed against the dog's owners. >>>
. this front is kind of stalled out here all the way back through just outside of philadelphia. back through central pennsylvania and all the way through the ohio valley into kansas and oklahoma. all along we've had areas of rain over the last two to three days. the heavy rain has now moved out but almost two inches of rain. it's just a little dent in the drought. this is what we need, more weather patterns like this. oklahoma city towards tulsa, just a shield of rain here all the way north of mccallister. that's great news there. rain continues in southern pennsylvania. the pennsylvania turnpike is not an enjoyable ride this morning. this rain is heading for philadelphia and new jersey eventually as we go throughout your morning rush hour. as far as the forecast goes today, we're beautiful in the northern portion of the country and it's in the middle that we're dealing with the rainfall today including washington, d.c. that's a look at your national forecast and now here's a look at the weather outside your window. washington, d.c., will not see rain all day long. most of it will stay to th
that trick again. now you don't have the wind resistance of the wall. >>> philadelphia police are asking for the public's help in identifying some suspects in this nerve racking surveillance video. you see these two suspects come in, hooded sweatshirts on. immediately one of them pulls out what looks like a silver revolver. pointing it at the faces of both of the guys working in this place. according to the philadelphia police, one of them shouts meet immediately "give me the money." so they're trying to, of course, rob this service station. you see one of the workers get struck in the head by a pistol. i don't know if that's a reaction, brave, or stupid. you see him smack the gun away. watch what happens next. you're thinking, these guys are going to clean out the register. this worker here closest to us grabs this metal stool and chases these guys out of the store. these guys walk away with nothing. >> but they had a gun and he had a chair, and the chair trumped the gun? >> that's what i thought the first time i saw this video, which makes me think either these suspects were in no way
to philadelphia where it sits on the tarmac right now. you can see the emergency vehicles all lined up behind it. obviously, authorities will want to check that plane and took to whoever onboard was involved in that. we'll keep you updated. >>> new from china, secretary of state clinton held a tension-filled meeting with the chinese premier she and -- they met today and the two discussed the ongoing conflict in syria. during a joint news conference clinton said it is no secret the u.s. is disappointed in how china is reacting to the crisis. >>> amazon set to unveil a new kindle expected to compete with growing number of 7 inch tablets beginning to flood the market starting a week from saturday california residents will begin paying local sales tax on internet purchases expected to add 320 million dollars a year to california revenues, 83 million from amazon alone. >>> new index finds americans growing more pessimistic about their financial situation. michael finney has the surprising group of americans now feel this economic pinch. -- now feeling this economic pinch. >> reporter: good morning it
in philadelphia. but if you still lose when your head, you have to look in the mirror. there were seven turnovers in philadelphia. you cannot blame the refs for that. safety, future first quarter. ravens quarterback joe flaco two times. still, the ravens had control after this -- control of this game after joe flaco and jacoby jones. then in the first possession of the third quarter, joe flaco with a bad decision that set the tone for the second half. see that? jones in the end zone. gave the refs plenty of bargaining power. it did into the game. led an 80-yard drive. sure, you can second guess be played call with the lack of second half -- you can second- guess the play call with the lack of second have running. john harbaugh did not want to talk about it today. >> anytime you lose, it forces you -- when you win, you'll get everything really hard and try to build on a. but when you lose, man, that stain really forces you to dig deep. i think all this. is just human nature. >> he says he will he can play with bruised ribs it next week. he did emphasize his "toughness ." this week, the ravens will
-one fillies in philadelphia -- phillies in philadelphia. five-one of-- 5-1 phillies. bottom of the sixth, that is when it unravels. a solo shot to right. 6-3, the final. the nats' magic number is 5. look at that. a two-run home run. a wild cadcard spot for the braves. blue jays and orioles tonight. 13-6. the orioles fall. the redskins signed he former packer running back. it brings experience to the rookie. he is a six-year veteran. he rushed for more than 4,000 yards in his career. an injured knee and an injured foot. clearly, they need help. the nfl reportedly met with the lockout officials today. in the meantime, a statement was released that upheld it and but agreed it was crazy out there what we saw. there should have been pass interference. the team is ready to put it behind them. >> our players are emotional right now, understandably so. but we are going to start giving our energy toward new orleans. >> $25,000 was the fine for actions against officials. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater
's game in philadelphia, they have lost games.f their last 11 there were looking to jump on philadelphia phillies early. take a look. out a two run. 43, usingnals win 8- using their magic number to 4. >> what a beautiful morning. this is from about 6:30 this morning. rays? see those , up andhe north frederick county, baltimore county, we saw thunderstorms about 5:00 a.m. this morning. rainfallsome of the totals. had just shy of a an inch. in martinsburg had about 0.25 of rainfall. now, we are dealing with but a beautiful conditions. 80 degrees. w point is at 60. a bit of moisture, but areasf it is in the upper of the atmosphere. temperatures all across the area, mostly in the 80's. couple spotty 70's. difference to our north west. yellow you see, that we see the lower 70's and even upper 60's. that is because they have more clouds. that is up there along the mason-dixon line. will stay in our forecast. it will make more progress than we thought. like half of our weak otherll be good, the half, not so good. we are getting the 80's up to, not so cast, that is really going to hold
. our constitution. signed 225 years ago today in philadelphia, in what was then known as the pennsylvania state house and is now independence hall. a few artifacts of that they survive including george washington's share with its rising sun, his personal copy of the final draft of the constitution, a silver inkstand used by the signers and why ed andrews tells us that something else has survived with the birthplace of the constitution, american patriotism >> almost every year since she was a child, 60 year-old susan phillips has climbed these 11 flights of stairs, squeezed her way around the support beams and walked to the top of the bell tower of independence hall in philadelphia. >> that is a tough climb? >> this is a time when, we the people, have a chance to be " we the people " and do something, instead of by mechanical means. >> the successor to the liberty bell? >> pretty special. >> almost every day the centennial bell is rung on the hour by a machine. except for one day, typically on the fourth of july, when phillips learns the ropes. shall we do one, too, and
. it was signed in philadelphia's independence hall. another historic artifact there also survived the centuries. as wyatt andrews reports, it plays a big role in ringing in patriotism. >> reporter: almost every year since she was a child, 68-year-old susan phillips has squeezed her way around the support beams and walked to the top of the bell tower of independence hall in philadelphia. that is a tough climb. why is it so important? >> this is a time when we the people have a chance to be we the people and do something instead of by mechanical means. >> reporter: the successor to the liberty bell and you get to toll it. >> yeah, pretty special. >> reporter: almost every day, the centennial bell here is rung on the hour by a machine. except for one day, typically on the fourth of july, when phillips brings the ropes. >> we do one, two, and we hit it. >> reporter: a team of bell tollers rings the bell by hand. phillips is the head bell ringer of the independence hall bell ringer society. there are 13 members in tribute to the 13 colonies. membership is normally handed down in families or by perso
of the philadelphia fed bank weighed on the index, and it sank into the closing bell, finishing down 1.1%. trading volume increased from yesterday's pace-- 752 million on the big board; just under two billion on the nasdaq. financial stocks, technology and the materials sector led the losers, down 1.5% each. caterpillar's warning about its 2015 earnings late yesterday hung over its shares today. cat's 4.2% drop waóúude worst among dow industrial stocks. volume doubled with the stock falling to a three-week low. the company blames its muted forecast on an anemic global economy. the good news on home prices today helped home depot become one of the few dow stocks to register gains. shares gained six tenths of a percent. they traded over $60 per share for a time today, ending at their highest price in more than a decade. as the housing market has shown signs of life, home depot stock has been rallying. it's the second best performer in the dow year to date, second only to bank of america. meantime, more of us may be spending some time out of our homes and on the high seas. carnival cruise lines has
was a troubled kid roaming the streets of philadelphia. a time when greg met a man he thought he could trust. but instead, a man that past him around to his football friends. greg says one of those friends was jerry sandusky. >> i first heard of the coach from second mile jerry sandusky in 1977. sent him nude photos of me. jerry sandusky wanted me to come up there to engage in child sex with him. ed savitz asked me have i heard of wife swapping. we were going to do what was called a child prostitution swap, like a wife swap. i had an hour with jerry sandusky and sandusky would give one of his favorite kids to ed savitz for an hour. i'm expected to see aeasely sexual deviate. i expect to see this football guy. shakes my hand firm, strong. nothing about this guy comes off as a pedophile. jerry sandusky hands me an enrollment application, says he will take care of me, keep mow out of trouble and i would be part of his second mile family. jerry sandusky followed me to a table off the side. rubbed on my shoulder, touched me. he made arrangements for after the event that we would go to a hotel and
the philadelphia enquirer shows the president with an 11-point lead. heard about that today. 50%/39%. tomorrow night at 7:00 eastern we will have the brand new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll complete with the big presidential match-up. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] it seems like every company has a facebook page these days. but where's the relationship status? well, esurance is now in a relationship...with allstate. and it looks pretty serious. esurance. click or call. >>> welcome back to "hardball." he's been running for president for five years now, but today the romney campaign is signaling a midcourse correction in messaging and strategy. this comes on the heels of a "new york times"/cbs news poll this weekend showing president obama surpassing mitt romney on who will do a better job of handling the economy and unemployment. romney lacks a bottom line. it was all laid out for everyone to see in a devastating lead story in politico today, describing a dysfunction campaign where losing air but not sure what to do about it. i'm joined by politico's editor and joy-ann reid, the
of philadelphia on a platform of ending foreclosures and evictions. she's also the co-founder and national coordinator of the poor people's economic human rights campaign. that's a non-profit organization with members all across the country. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> happy to be here. >> i first heard of you about ten years ago when the clean elections law -- public funding for state elections was up in massachusetts where you were living at the time. and the people in massachusetts voted two to one for clean elections, for public funding of state elections. and yet sometime later the massachusetts legislature, a democratic legislature, on an unrecorded vote overturned that judgment. they vetoed the public will. >> it was that fight that really catapulted me into the world of political battle. i had not been a member of a party, i had never been to a political meeting before then. and you know, to see that all these groups which had joined together, and i came to it as a mother and medical doctor, very concerned about our health care system falling apart and also about an epide
, humid air. yesterday, temperatures near 90 in philadelphia. let's move this forward. the front moves through. with that, we're going to drop about 20 degrees. as you walk outside, it hasn't felt like this. kind of the first real cool fall shot with two points which is a measure of how much moisture is in the air. the higher it is, the stickier it seems. only in the 50s and 60s. so temperatures throughout today in the 70s, same scenario. here's the three-day forecast. look at places like buffalo, 60s next couple of days. then 80 by wednesday. new york, boston, all staying in the 70s. so air mass change and certainly much more comfortable. one quick note on tropical storm leslie. it is now not a hurricane. a tropical storm. maximum sustained winds at 65. it will make its closest pass to bermuda between now and about 2:00 this afternoon. right now they're getting 45 mile-per-hour wind gusts, expecting two to four inches of rain. so really kind of the brunt of it and the worst of it as well to the east. that is good news. >> i have to tell you it the cool temperatures. i left my house th
.s. senate election. >> this isn't just denver. there are lots of towns. in fact, philadelphia, which is a great newspaper town that's gone through a lot of consolidation is about to have a new ownership crew. we're going to talk to one of the new owners of the philadelphia enquirer right after we take this break. and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. my name is adam frucci and i'm the i love new technology,om. so when i heard that american express and twitter were teaming up, i was pretty interested. turns out you just sync your american express card securely to your twitter account, tweet specific hashtags, and you'll get offers on things you love. this totally changes the way i think about membership. saving money on the things you want. to me, that's the membership effect. nice boots! because we were talking about the "denver post." you reached out but he declined. this is a former "denver post" reporter susan green who ta
september forecast than yesterday. >>> we have this breaking news now the fbi in philadelphia want to know who that person was who called in a hoax that forced a jetliner to make an unscheduled landing this morning. us airways flight had to return to philadelphia after it took off for dallas somebody called authorities claiming a man on that flight had a dangerous substance. a bomb squad searched the plane and found nothing that man is not a suspect and didn't do anything wrong. police call the hoax a nasty trick. >>> less than an hour from now, bells will be ringing in san francisco's union square. it is a tradition we were hoping to have those bells, we don't. muni's top crew will battle it out for the title of world champion cable car ringer today's event will feature an amateur contest followed by the main event. [ bells ringing ] >> that event is free. this is video from a past competition. a lot of folks like to try that out even the amateurs, i tried it once it is harder than you >> stay with us, a treat for chocolate lovers this weekend. i work at the cable company, and i get to we
getting some reports of a scare in the air really at philadelphia airport. and what we're being told is that there is, could be a man with explosives onboard a philadelphia-bound flight. this is coming off anonymous tip according to these reports. police, bomb squad, federal agents descended on philadelphia international airport for reports of a suspicious male onboard a us airways flight that just landed near gait 11. there is the picture. you can see that there is a huge support system around that plane right now. 9:16 a.m. eastern time. this is coming from wtxf. it was en route to dallas the flight was turned around and brought back to philadelphia. this is the situation unfolding as we watch. we will keep an eye on it. any developments on the ground in philadelphia we'll let you know. >> president obama started with a much weaker economy than i did. listen to me now. no president, no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. [cheers and applause] bill: so over some 50 some odd minutes last nigh
this breaking news now the fbi in philadelphia want to know who that person was who called in a hoax that forced a jetliner to make an unscheduled landing this morning. us airways flight had to return to philadelphia after it took off for dallas somebody called authorities claiming a man on that flight had a dangerous substance. a bomb squad searched the plane and found nothing that man is not a suspect and didn't do anything wrong. police call the hoax a nasty trick. >>> less than an hour from now, bells will be ringing in san francisco's union square. it is a tradition we were hoping to have those bells, we don't. muni's top crew will battle it out for the title of world champion cable car ringer today's event will feature an amateur contest followed by the main event. [ bells ringing ] >> that event is free. this is video from a past competition. a lot of folks like to try that out even the amateurs, i tried it once it is harder than you >> stay with us, a treat for f@@ >>> next monday all new afternoon debuts katie the new daytime talk show with katie couric starts september 10th, 3 p.m. bef
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